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Much of our business growth over the years has came from word of mouth at which was only possible by having good UX and a great product.

We have good NPS scores from our customers already however we believe there is always ways to improve. We can look at how they interact with the website, ,through to customer service and the whole business.

We do understand the developing good you UX is not easy, it takes time it takes thought it takes dedication and consideration of many aspects. You would work within our excellent product team to design the UX for new projects as well as reviewing and improving existing user journeys.

We’re a market leader in the UK and are part of IAC, a well known New York based internet group (Tripadvisor, Vimeo, Match.com, Tinder, HomeAdvisor, etc.). MyBuilder operates throughout the UK.

Our headquarters in Clerkenwell reflect our unique culture: we have an amazing office bar, guitars, a drum kit, a bike mechanic workstation, extensive library and a rotating food team who make lunch for everyone. It’s a fun place to be and that’s mainly because everyone in the team believes in the mission and is seriously good at what they do.


  • 3+ years experience of UX design in an in-house or consultancy role
  • Experience doing UX design for complicated user journeys
  • Good understanding of collaborative, user-centred design methods
  • A passion for creating simple solutions to complex problems
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